Nanofiltration Membrane Systems: design & application

Nanofiltration systems are very similar in design to reverse osmosis systems, but can be operated with lower pressure and may require more customized features to meet specific process application requirements.

CM Filtration designs and fabricates a wide range of nanofiltration systems, but we also help customers to develop processes through our unique and collaborative application development program.

Premium NF system fully automated with instrument signals regulating the systems function and dosing, as well as an independent CIP and recirculation pump.


Once we receive your specific requirements, the engineering team begins designing a complete process solution. As a nanofiltration system manufacturer, Chen Membrane has the ability to manufacture, guide the installation and commissioning of equipment for you, and support full-scale and multi-process (RO, NF, UF and MF) membrane systems. At every step of the process, our goal is to provide you with prompt, knowledgeable, friendly service and, ultimately, strong support for your business.

Nanofiltration Membane Systems Application Field

In addition, nanofiltration technology is also used in industries such as electronics, food and medicine, such as ultrapure water preparation, juice concentration, peptide and amino acid separation, antibiotic concentration and purification, whey protein concentration and other processes. Nanofiltration water treatment systems play an important role in drinking water treatment, industrial water treatment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, food processing, and seawater desalination. With the advancement of technology, the application fields of nanofiltration membranes are expected to further expand.

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