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Flat Sheet MBR Stucture

MBR flat membrane module is mainly composed of membrane box and aeration box, membrane box is equipped with membrane module, silicone tube, water collection pipe, slot plate, etc., and aeration tube and gas collection box are provided in the aeration box.

Performance Parameters

Remark: The water yield in the above table is the initial filtration flux of the membrane when the suction negative pressure is 10KPa and the temperature is 25 °C, and the water yield will vary greatly under different water quality.

Model CM-F-80 CM-F-100 CM-F-150
Effective membrane area(m2) 0.8 1.0 1.5
Length× Width × Thickness(mm) 1000×490×7 1250×490×7 1750×490×7
Membrane pore size(um) 0.2
Water production ( L/Pcs·d ) 380-560 500-620 500-720
Aeration volume  ( L/min·pcs ) ≥10 ≥11 ≥12
Film material PVDF
Weight(kg) 3.2 3.6 5.8
PH Range 3~12
Effluent turbidity(NTU) <1
Effluent suspended solids(SS) ≤5

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