CM 500D MBR Membrane – Zeeweed Alternative

The CM 500D ultrafiltration hollow fiber reinforced membrane provides customers with high-performance energy efficiency and proven membrane life. 

The CM 500D membrane gives customers the flexibility to treat any flow rate from ultra-low flows to mega MBR plants .

CM 500D MBR membrane is a high performance, energy efficient solution that is a perfect replacement for Zeeweed 500D. Echoing the capabilities of Zeeweed 500D, our membranes offer longer life and the flexibility to handle any flow rate from ultra-low flows. Larger MBR plants have lower flow rates. Its excellent flux rate makes it an excellent choice for high-flow applications, and its chemical resistance ensures its suitability in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment scenarios. Choose CM 500D MBR membranes for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective upgrade to your water treatment system.

500D Membrane Module Frame

CM 500D MBR Package

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