Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane

Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane When used with municipal wastewater, membrane bioreactor processes can produce effluent of sufficient quality to be discharged to waterways or used for irrigation. Advantages

UF Systems 2880

UF Membrane Systems 2880 12,000T/H UF Systems+RO Systems Project Adress : Xi’an / China Project Time : 02/2022 UF Systems + RO Systems Schematic iagram Ultrafiltration systems and reverse osmosi

Custom ultrafiltration membrane——UPS90-10-PVDF

Custom ultrafiltration membrane UPS90-10-PVDF Indonesia ultrafiltration membrane customization project Project Time: 01/2024 Special customization UF Membrane If you have special size requirements, yo

Nanofiltration membrane systems

Nanofiltration Membrane Systems: design & application Nanofiltration systems are very similar in design to reverse osmosis systems, but can be operated with lower pressure and may require more cu

CM 500D MBR Membrane

CM 500D MBR Membrane – Zeeweed Alternative The CM 500D ultrafiltration hollow fiber reinforced membrane provides customers with high-performance energy efficiency and proven membrane life.  The C

difference between NF and RO membrane

What is the difference between NF and RO membrane?

What is the difference between NF and RO membrane? Looking to understand the difference between NF and RO membranes? You’ve come to the right place. When it comes to water filtration systems, th

Flat sheet MBR

Flat sheet MBR Why choose We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality flat sheet mbr that meet all your needs. With 10

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